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come for the experience

This black and white photo shows Wyatt sitting in the saddle on the back of a beautiful paint horse. He is holding the saddle horn and wearing his safety helmet preparing for his ride.
This photo is in black and white showing Shiann communicating with Patsy. Patsy is smiling as she puts her hands over Shiann's hands to receive tactile signs. A SSP's hand is on Patsy's back.
This photo is in black and white and shows two hands co-navigating to the mouth of a hungry goat. The goat is sticking its head through the fence to eat the food being offered by the two hands.
Christian is the guy in the sky! Swinging on the big swing at camp! The picture shows him from below with the tops of trees, the bright sun, white clouds, and blue sky in the background!
Camp is about making connections! This picture shows a row of legs, all of them are touching!
This photo shows Sarah (a Board Member) pulling back the bow and aiming the arrow at the archery target. And Sarah is wearing a black t-shirt with the DeafBlind Camp of Texas logo on the back.
This photo shows Amanda flying off the Zipline tower with her mouth open. I think she is screaming!
This photo shows Natalie with her SSP and a camp staffer petting the donkey, while the donkey is standing next to Natalie. Natalie is petting the top of the donkey's head.
This photo shows Natalie and SSP Jen covered in shaving cream. It is on their bodies, in their hair, and everywhere! They are both smiling!
This photo shows Alberto swinging high in the air on the big swing. He is wearing a safety helmet, a body harness, and he is holding onto the rope.
This photo shows many campers and SSPs holding onto one another's shoulders to form a line of people, all dancing. It is just one of the many dances we all enjoyed the last night at camp!

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