SSP Event Volunteer


We are excited to announce that DBCTX is experimenting with providing volunteer SSPs to work with DeafBlind consumers at DBCTX events only! Also SSPs will be paid (thanks to a generous donation)!

The process will be this

  1. Each DB consumer wishing to attend a DBCTX event, must must fill out (also found on the website)
  2. The Event SSP Coordinator will moderate all incoming forms. Who wants spam? Smile! If good, the SSP Request form will be forwarded to every SSP anonymously on our SSP listserv.
  3. Interested SSPs will contact the DB consumer directly to work out the logistics.
  4. After the event is completed, the SSP will have 30 days to submit a SSP invoice to get paid ( Otherwise, we will consider it a donation and send a thank you receipt.

Please be patient with us while we continue tweaking and improving the process. We hope that you are as excited as us to join this new adventure into the future for the DeafBlind Community in Texas!


  1. What does a Support Service Provider (SSP) do?
    • Act as a sighted guide.
    • Facilitate communication.
    • Provide visual and environmental information (e.g., describing the physical layout of a room, building or other environment; identifying who is in the room; describing personal interactions).
    • Ensure the safety of a person with combined hearing and vision loss.
    • (Optional) Drive the person or act as a guide on a train, bus, cab, in the airport or on a plane.
    • ( is a fantastic resource)!
  2. Is a SSP required to be fluent in American Sign Language (ASL)?
    1. Each SSP Request form will include the DeafBlind consumer's preferred mode of communication. (ASL, Tactile, Voicing, or such)
  3. How much will a SSP get paid?
  4. How to become an eligible SSP?
    • Attend DBCTX Camp.
    • Attend a DBCTX event and pair up with a paid SSP.
    • SSP Workshops may be considered.
  5.  What happens if a SSP doesn’t show up?
    • 1st Strike: No payment.
    • 2nd Strike: No payment and next event is Pro Bono.
    • 3rd Strike: No payment and next 3 events are Pro Bono.
  6. What happens if a DeafBlind consumer doesn't show up?
    • 1st Strike: A warning.
    • 2nd Strike: Deny DeafBlind consumer's next SSP Request form.
    • 3rd Strike: Deny DeafBlind consumer's next 3 SSP Request forms.
  7. When is the last day a DeafBlind consumer can submit a SSP Request form?
    • 3 days before the event.
  8. What happens if a DeafBlind individual shows up without a SSP Request form?
    • Will not assign a SSP.
  9. What if I have questions?
    1. Feel free to contact DBCTX Event SSP Coordinator at (