Our Mission

Mission Statement

To empower people who are DeafBlind through equal opportunities to live fully and productively, including full access to employment, technology, education, and to enable socialization to reduce isolation.

Vision Statement

To create a world where DeafBlind individuals explore their environment, make empowered autonomous decisions, and have access to the world around them.


Jacqueline Izaguirre, Kim Huston, Todd Huston, Kelly Brittingham, and Andrew Cohen met in early March 2016 to form DeafBlind Camp of Texas (DBCTX). Hayley Broadway and Kris Lund were recruited as the first SSP Coordinators. The very first DBCTX was held at Variety's Peaceable Kingdom on September 2nd to September 5th, 2016. Nearly 40 people including 10 DeafBlind individuals and 25 Support Service Providers participated in this magical journey!